About bwp

Commitment and competence

Based on our 40-year experience, we are active in all areas of modern structural engineering.
Creativity, innovation, efficiency and competence are documented in numerous realized projects. Hereby, we have experience with many different kinds of materials such as the classical reinforced concrete, steel, wood and composite steel as well as the most modern materials and construction technology.


For bwp, planning means, in special, taking into account the requirements of the builder to achieve the best possible development of the structural designs. Therefore, the primary goal is to convert the object planner design into a structure. It is our maxim to see the necessity of things as beauty (Friedrich Nietzsche). The integration of a structure into the design of the object planning is not compulsory, but a necessary, additional supplement.

The quality of the planning as a whole is not attainable by the optimization of a single contribution of the structural planning, even though this part is important.

Only a high quality planning process, which is conducted in meetings with all involved parties, can lead to the best result.

Bwp contributes to this with commitment and enthusiasm.

Hereby we don't deny our realistic approach.

"It doesn't work" actually exists. There are actual requirements, that cannot be met in a structural sense, or they can only be met with a substantial economic effort. However, there are always alternatives and variants. We are able to explain why something does not work and show how it does.


As consultant engineers (BYIK-BAU), we provide you with the complete performance profile of the HOAI structural design. This includes consulting, planning and project implementation in the following areas:

Construction engineering

Building construction

  • Masonry constructions
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Prefabricated constructions
  • Prestressed concrete constructions
  • Steel constructions
  • Steel composite constructions
  • Steel glass constructions
  • Wood constructions

Constructions supervision

Constructional fire, sound and heat protection

Approval reports

The secure handling of all materials is implicit.


Structural engineering is an important part of every project. Over the years, our office has focused on the following types of projects:

General building constructions

  • High-rise buildings
  • Office and administrative buildings
  • Research buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Residential buildings
  • Schools / kindergartens
  • Sports halls
  • Indoor swimming pools

Industrial buildings

  • Laboratories
  • Test Laboratory Buildings
  • Hall Buildings

Modernization and renovation

  • Modernization
  • Renovations
  • Modifications
  • Buildings Heightenings
  • Substructures

Special underground engineering

  • Bored pile walls
  • Sheet piling
  • Supporting walls
  • Jet method
  • Mixed in Place
  • Buoyancy anchor